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Whiskey Daredevils - Live in Berlin (May 24, 2008 @ Wild At Heart)

Los garrulos de Cleveland cogen el avión al más puro estilo Alfredo Landa, y se plantan en Berlín hablando a voces para que se les entienda mejor.

Por fin un directo de estos gañanazos, ya que en su forma anterior nunca llegaron a deleitarnos con material en directo.

Gran calidad de sonido y una gran selección de temas que pasa por sus tres discos y adelantan algun tema del recién editado The Very Best Of (2008.10.31). Este directo ha sido editado por el sello alemán Knock-Out Records, la distribución corre a cargo del fanzine germano Moloko Plus al irrisorio precio de 2,5 euros. También puede conseguirse en varias otras tiendas (mira abajo). ¡Pillalo antes de que se acabe!

Whiskey Daredevils - Refrito + Entrevista
(lo que le gusta hablar al cantante, Dios Santo)

Track List:

1. Jack Evans Wants His Lighter Back
2. Wasted
3. Let's Lyunch The Landlord
4. Devils Radio
5. Dented Fender
6. Jesus Walks Beside Me
7. Skunk Weed
8. Baby Won't Chew Dance Wit Me
9. The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey's Grave
10. Six Pack (To Go)
11. Skulls
12. Wichita Buzzcut
13. AMC Hornet
14. Jimmy Rogers
15. Trucker Bomb
16. LSD
17. Straight Edge
18. Ironic Trucker Hat
19. Ear To The Ground
20. Long Gone
21. Blues Stop Knocking - Lid Of Bluegrass

Más material de los Whiskey Daredevils:
Old Favorites (2007)
The Essential Whiskey Daredevils (2007)
Greatest Hits (2005)

Descarga: Megaupload | Contraseña (password): catapunchimpun | Calidad MP3 @ 320 kbps
Website del grupo | My Space
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8 comentarios:

Brandonio! dijo...

Thank you soooooo much my friend.I'm a huge fan of Whiskey Daredevils.I've actually been a fan since the Cowslingers days.I seen on Whiskey's web site that this album was being released to this zine.I was really surprised to see it posted so quickly.You must be a huge fan of the band too.If any of you have never seen this band live,your totally missing out.Even though I like the Cowslingers guitarist a little better,the Whiskey Daredevils still kick ass too,just a little bit more sloppy that's all.Again Thanks,and keep on rockin' dude.

Diving Dwarf dijo...

Hi Brandonio, I knew you would be drooling for this one, haha!

Too bad I missed the Cowslingers live, and too bad the Daredevils do not stop by Madrid. I was about to see them in Berlin the day they recorded this CD, but it all fell through and I couldn't make it.

I'll be posting some more stuff by the lingers, some of it from your outstanding blog, provided that's ok with you :-)

AndyRock dijo...

esto pinta muy bien! parecen ser mi tipo de banda! jeje
gracias por la recomendación y por los comentarios en el blog!
saludos desde Chile!

RYP dijo...

This one rocks n rolls indeed! Danke für den guten Tip! Macht mich neugierig auf The Essential Whiskey Daredevils...

Viele Grüsse!

Diving Dwarf dijo...

Moin moin, RYP. Vielen Dank fuer deinen Besuch!

Mit solcher CD Namen, sind Whiskey Daredevils all meat no fat, also lad mal alles runter und viel spass!

Knock-Out Records hat schon die neue CD: The Very Best Of. Die Versandkosten nach Spanien finde ich zu teuer - das kauf'ich wahrscheinlich aus Amazon als Weihnachten selb-Geschenk ;-)

Brandonio! dijo...

Diving Dwarf,
As for the posting of some of the Cowslingers stuff here.I would have to say just use our links if you do.I lent Rock(AB)illy Kid my "Coast To Coast" cd so he could write a review,and post it.He has yet to deliver, as the other guys at our site don't seem too interested in posting music much anymore,I think I'll have to end up doing it.Well until then,Rock On!

Diving Dwarf dijo...

No worries, Brandonio. Any post referring your stuff will just include your post link (plus a personal and juicy comment on your blog), not the download link or any other malicious way one may think of (I would never d/l from you and u/l pretending it's my link - some people do).

Anyone intending to download it will have to go thru you blog.

It is your way or the highway. Respect is the word!

elbrujo69 dijo...

carajo tio, k sorpresa encontrar aki el enlace!!! No por nada, sino pq no lo veia en ningun sitio. Muchas gracias!!

Bueno, tu blog me parece cojonudo, asi k si no te importa, voy a poner un enlace en mi blog http://lacomadreja69.blogspot.com

Un saludo comadrejil!

Vigilan que no se ahogue el enano del snorkel...

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